02 June 2017

Dear friends and strangers,

We need your help.

A couple months ago in March, we lost our grandma to pneumonia. During the frequent hospital visits to take care of her, my 63 year old mum started to experience chest pains. A series of checks followed.. CT scan, biopsy with hospital stay, and yesterday it was confirmed that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Staging is scheduled next week.

Some of you might have already known that CafewithoutCoffee is a local handmade brand founded by me and my mum, and all fabric products are sewn by her. As a self-taught seamstress, her passion and flair in sewing is remarkable. She has problems processing sewing instructions in a logical way due to her medical past, but she did not give up sewing. She always says she really loves sewing and touching people’s heart with her art. I remember how we used to stay up late at night to meet deadlines, and her eyes always sparkle with the mere mention of “its sewing day”.

Now, we have to halt all sewing work due to more scans next week (MRI, PET and PFT) and possibly an upcoming surgery. This results in no income for her medical bills, not to mention that she is also affected mentally, especially just after the loss of her mum (my grandma). Currently the bills have came up to more than $3,000 in cash and other treatments (surgery or chemotheraphy) will follow thereafter.

We need money and we are at our wits end.

I appeal to all of you for help. Over the years, my mum has handmade many fabric products and I will be releasing them in batches for purchase (I need time to collate in between the hospital trips) . All products are brand new and sewn by her. If you like something you see, please help by purchasing them. We aim to sell all her work. The proceeds received will fund her medical bills.

The money received from this appeal is definitely just the tip of the iceberg for her ongoing medical costs, but any purchase, no matter how small, will help.

Batch #1 products are here.

 To purchase or make donations, please copy the order form and Facebook message me (Elaine Teo) directly. Please help to share this post as well. Thank you very much.