I will be posting updates on mum’s condition here as and when I have them.

2 June 2017 (background)
Chest pains in March – Xray, CT Scan and biopsy with hospital stay followed.
Diagnosed with lung cancer, confirmed malignancy.
MRI and PET scan to follow for staging.

11 June 2017
Scan reports received and met up with surgeon.
Lung surgery arranged for the week after next.
This surgery is considered a major operation.
Surgeon will also remove some lymph nodes for biopsy to confirm staging.

27 June 2017
Surgery was done, and is discharged from hospital.
Post op – Developed a cough with blood clots.
Further review to be done.
Staging will be diagnosed next week.

12 July 2017
Due to complications, mum is referred to see a cancer oncologist next week.

28 Aug 2017
Mum is due for follow-up scans in September.
Total hospital bills so far amounts approx S$22,000.

30 Sep 2017
Further follow up scans to be done in Jan 2018.